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[WH40k] Kill Team

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Kill Team - Age of Darkness
Version 0.4 release 9th June 2020: https://ossifiedsite.files.wordpress.com/2020/06/kill-team-age-of-darkness-0.4.pdf

125 pages - 26Mb (click image for PDF download)
• 27 Kill teams for Legiones Astartes, Shattered Legions, Blackshields, Mechanicum incl' Skitarii regiments, Solar Auxilia, Legio Custodes, Sisters of Silence, and Talons of the Emperor
• Detailed rules for all 18 Astartes Legions
• 5 Heresy era Specialists
• 125 Tactics

• Optional rules for Astartes Formations (themed force construction), weapon limits, and exterminates edition.
• Secutarii included for Mechanicum,
• Talons of the Emperor kill team rules,
• New faction for Militia and Cults (Including Provenances).
• A gallery of miniatures covering the full gamut of painting and modelling skill. Proof if any were needed that gaming in the Horus Heresy is for everyone.
**To those who submitted photos that did not appear in this gallery, rest assured that they will appear in the final version**

• Almost everything...
• Caught a load of typos, but fear not plenty more remain!
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